The white button down is a total hit this NY Fashion Week. It not only passed by extremely frequently on the runway, but also in between shows it’s obvious the fashion sensed crowd at Lincoln Sq. embraced the crispy white must-have. Oversized, straight cut, tied up and in many other ways the white piece is spotted and making it the new wear-with-everything.

So, on my second day of NYFW, I decided to follow and pull out my Nolita oversized blouse. I seriously bought this thing ten years ago and that’s maybe what’s so cool about this trend. I mean, in everyone’s closet there must be a white button down hiding somewhere. And if not, steal one from your boyfriends’ closet. In case you don’t have a boyfriend, find one…or – much easier – spend a little or a lot on it. On the blouse of course, would be kind of weird otherwise ;). Anyway, it’s totally up to you since this item can be bought from Wang and Stella to Hennes and Zara.

I’ve chosen to tie up my practically vintage blouse, combine it with a pencil skirt and give it an edge with this amazing leather jacket. Feeling excited to get back on the fashion field; I arrived at the famous square. And then it hit me…a fashion-rule pointed out by one of my Insta-friends a few days before: “Thou shalt not wear white after Labor day”.

Darn, totally forgot and I guess all the spotted white fabrics were also rule-breakers? But I’m not getting swept of my red-soled feet. I did some research and this rule is invented by some snobby – quote wiki – millionaires over a hundred years ago. So, let’s just drop this silly fashion no-no and enjoy a little white fabric because its too cool and too easy. Agreed?

Have a happy day and don’t hesitate to tell me what you think in the comment section below! Xx B.

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