every week I'll share an article written by me for amayzine.com

every week I’ll share an article written by me for amayzine.com

Sometimes- very-very-occasionally- I get into a mad fit just after sunrise and I take my darling boyfriend to work. By bike in the summer and by subway in the winter. Eather way, this morning madness always leaves me standing in Bryant Park at 7.15 am.holding a gigantic cappuccino. And at that spot, at that time, that’s where it all goes down; corporate Manhattan.

Bryant Park is New York’s new Financial Walhalla (forget wall street) and at this hour on a weekday it’s a haze of New Yorkers on the job carrying take-away cups and wearing oversized suits (no italian fits ladies, so I’m sorry but in the real corporate world: forget Harvey Spector). The tourists are still tucked in their hotel beds and it’s way to early for hip freelancers to have taken up their perch in their regular work-cafe with their MacBook, that leaves me watching the unveiling of corporate New York from the sidelines.

I’ve been here sitting&watching few times now and even though these New York women are worlds away from the hip street style women you see in magazines, there is one thing they all have in common; the bag. Seriously. Even here (maybe logical because here’s where they make the big bucks) you are bombarded with Celines and Birkins. The one is an upgraded laptop bag, the other has a pair of smart Manolos peeping out.Because the one rule among corporate women is: do your walking on sneakers and your working on elegant designer heels.

Back to the bag. Besides the expensive designer brand being a similarity, so are the contents. After doing some work in the field covering the different boroughs and a lot of peeking into a bags I now have on my wish list, I have found five items that you can find on any New York woman, without exception.

1. Debit or credit

Nothing is paid by cash and you pay for everything here (well almost). Tipping is sometimes done with loose change but mostly people use their card. It’s either a debit or a credit card. The difference being is that a debit card doesn’t come with credit, so you can only spend your hard earned money, and a credit card does. Except for this the rest is the same; slide, sign and go.

2. Spare battery

The New York woman can not be unavailable. If only for reading the latest work mails, checking Tinder matches or scrolling on Instagram, the phone must be switched on. But even the most popular brand has trouble working a twelve-hour shift. Thank goodness you have the device that looks like an ol’ school mp3 player, available for a few ten-dollar bills at the nearest Mediamarkt. This spare battery has the power to help NY data-junkies make it through the day. There’s one for everyone; neat black ones, pink ones or the ones with a little added pizazz in the form of Swarovski crystals.

3. 99,9% germ-free.

New York is beautiful but filthy. Everything here goes on for 24/7 likewise the dust, soot and other filth. You do not want to see what your feet carry in after an afternoon on the streets of Manhattan wearing peep-toed shoes. NY women know this and are always applying something that’s a disinfectant. Gel, cream or sprays as long as they guarantee 99,99 germ free hands; if so it’s in the bag.

4. Gym card

A well-known saying in NY is: sweat like a pig, look like a fox. Really. E-ver-y-one has to work out. Preferably before work. I sometimes visit the gym around seven-thirty and it’s undoable. Every locker: full. All the fitness machines; taken. All the weights: in use. Everyone is working it. Then they jump into the shower, switch their gym gear fort heir work clothes and clock in at precisely nine o’clock. Bizarre. It’s like this every single morning. That’s why i prefer to go in the afternoon. My gym made a deal with a famous modeling agency. Who am i to complain about working out while male models do a little cross training in the background. Anyway, every New York woman has a gym card fastened to her keychain along with her keys and a cute accessory. Very handy, they not only let you in. It’s two bleeps and you’re workout schedule appears on the screen before you.

5. Black shades

I must say in the beginning I was stunned at the amount of black shades pushing shopping carts in the supermarkets; I often find myself practicing this weird phenomena. The black sunglasses are sort of ‘part of the package ” and being indoors or rain have no influence on this. Why? I have no idea. It is clear that this item is standard gear in the NY women’s designer bags. They are a little strange sometimes, those New Yorkers. But it took one day of buying my daily organic oranges without makeup succeeding a night on the town, So now, I’m in.


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