mango tango

I can’t wait to share the results of yesterday’s shoot and I don’t believe in forcing stuff, so here’s a little peek!

We chose Bryant Park and its gorgeous library to shoot two looks. Around 9 am we met in front of the park and our ritual started. Like wild child’s we run around, or maybe better: we flutter. From spot to spot, where we stand, sit, walk, jump, stand on chairs, sit on the ground and kind of be like acrobats. Especially photographer Marinke…without any embarrassment she climbs up on tables or balances on fences, all for the perfect shot.

Anyway, after a cappuccino-break and a change of clothes, we ran into this cute grocery store and had to shoot with some fruit….

to be continued

WEB-0413 WEB-0417
photo’s shot by Epic Photography | follow @marinke_davelaar_photography