With a suitcase to stay and a heart to follow, I stepped out of the airplane and walked down John F. Kennedy Airport. Passport stamped and step-by-step I arrive at the exit. The sliding doors open and I feel a fresh breeze slipping in. Welcome to NYC written on the wall, is the first thing I see. The second is the familiar smile from home. The man of that smile grabs my hand and together we grab a cab. Our first yellow ride…I sit, stare and realise: “this is it, this is the start of our adventure”. Ever since that moment, New York is home.

From the small country known for its big accomplishments, its liberal state of mind and its cheese, we crossed over to the land of stars&stripes, the home of the brave and the united states of huge take-away coffees…. We left Holland seven months ago and arrived to stay for at least a few years. I did it for love and my pretty cool boyfriend for his pretty cool job.

And now, I’ve started SEAOFB.: my travel journal, capturing and sharing moments in this amazing city. Cool spots, a bit of fashion and always with a bright and honest touch. Follow me on my journey, discover the city and hopefully you’ll be inspired by my this little online ocean of places to be and things to do in the city that launches dreams.

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thisisme thisisme
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  • Mariah says:

    Hi my name is Mariah! I follow you on Instagram and I saw that you were taking emails for people with really good WordPress skills. I currently intern on a fashion and a family blog, Chic Galleria and JBF ( Just Between Friends). My WordPress skills are good and I know how to make a killer spreadsheet! I might not have all the crazy, tech savvy skills, but I have an strong work ethic and a crazy amount of motivation. Also, it would be amazing to work with you on your project! Your blog is so inspiring and I hope to be as business savvy as you are.

    Thank you for taking the time to look at my e-mail!


  • Hello! Love your blog and would really love to work with you to secure some collaborations with leading brands. AND PS – I love New York x

  • jen says:

    Hi Bo!
    How do we get in contact with you regarding collaborations?

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