The Thigh High Talk

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do you remember

the openings scene of Pretty Woman? With a black pencil she attempts to revamp her wrecked varnished heels and in these boots, a few days – and scenes- later, she walks in her one-piece mini dress over Rodeo Drive. Chewing her gum and feeling clearly out of place while wearing the most memorable tacky look ever. This is my ultimate chickflick and those boots….Oh those boots!

Eversince Pretty woman, I have a love for thigh high boots. But also, I was too much of a scardey-cat and didn’t dare to be bold. Untill, a few years ago. Thigh high came back on the fashion field and never left. So, also this season I pulled out my thigh highs and it made me go 24 years back to my girly pink room where I watched the modern fairytale over and over again, while dreaming of meeting my prince, my savior and the one spoiling me with modern princess gifts…

The only thing with this dare-to-be-bold-item: either if you combine with a skirt, bare legs, a skinny jeans or whatsoever, you have to make sure not to be looking like you’ve walked off the Pretty Woman’ set before she got upgraded by Edward Lewis…Shortly said: keep the tramp in the closet. There are a few ways to do that. But the main rule is simple. It’s like with make-up or jewelry. Big earring means no bling-bling necklace. Bright lips means simple eye. And thigh high low means chic up!

With this look I’ve added a preppy stripped boyfriend (literally: this shirt is stolen from my man’s wardrobe) to ‘chic-up’ the upper body. And I kept it simple to keep the base all-black. This and the preppy stripes made my boots tramp-proof and perfectly for a free afternoon, a walk in the park and even for – the perfect shooting location – at Chanel in Soho and def for Rodeo Drive.

the look

Marinke Davelaar | Epic Photography

big big apple kiss!

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