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Last Saturday

I suffered from having a few too many drinks the night before. And those kind of moods can only go with easy outfits. This time, an oversized turtleneck, ripped denim and my most favorite piece: the coat from Paris. And of course…sunglasses.

Anyhow,this Saturday…I am feeling much and much better! It’s time to clean the closet, the house and the inner body. So besides juices (instead of Gin Tonics), cleaning gloves and buying fresh flowers…one thing can not be missed on weekend days like this…Yup: tunes!

This will be my second playlist on the blog (see the first here) and this time a lot of happy songs with vocals and string instruments. This playlist makes me so happy and I hope you will like it too (my favorite is the Ben Howard song, ninth 0n the list)

Enjoy your Saturdayzzzzz

hope these tunes get you in the same happy vibe as mine! If not...put number 6 on and COME ON AND SHINE (yes..singing it will writing it..haha)! big kiss


by @bo_seaofb



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