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the holiday season

is about to begin! Yay! I absolutely adore Thanksgiving, Sinterklaas – that’s a Dutch day – Christmas, and NYE. Last year was our first time celebrating these days in New York and they know how to get one in the party-like-its-1999-mood!

Especially on 5th Ave, all the show windows are turned in to mini fairytale telling storyboards and the city is filled with colorful lights and..don’t forget the enormous Christmas tree at Rockefeller! New York’s holiday season is pretty cool. The only that’s missing for us, is our family. Choosing New York, is easy. Of course you are moving there for a couple of years! But, on these kind of days the not so sunny side of expat-life comes up and that’s a bit sad. But, there will be a gazillion other Christmas days to celebrate with our family and I love spending these days snuggling up with my man.

This year we’re buying a Christmas tree and what comes with that? Uh-hu, prezzies! So, I’m already totally preoccupied with this year’s List of Lust. Here’s a few to must-put on yours!