to New York was one of the greatest gifts. So, I absolutely don’t want to complain but…like with all thing in life: there is a reverse side to the medal.

I mean, I left my home, my friends, my family and had to start all over again. I followed my man for his job. And even though I have Sea of Bees, write columns for several online magazines, I have to – literally – make my day every morning. And that, my friends, makes loneliness and feeling homesick inevitable so now and then. Fortunately my very best friend also moved to the U.S. and since we’re in the exact same boat – on the East and West coast – …we pull each other out of our i-am-so-miserable-drama-moments by spending hours on the phone or…exchanging the cutest puppy pics.

I am a huge sucker for puppy love, so let’s create some awwwwh-moments and hopefully these fluffy little cuties will put a smile on your face like it does on ours.


IMG_9107 IMG_9097 IMG_9108 IMG_9121 IMG_9099 IMG_9125 IMG_9115 IMG_9126 IMG_8945 IMG_9117 IMG_9110 IMG_9109 IMG_9098 IMG_9118


Cute right?
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