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its already one year. Almost 365 days ago, I arrived at JFK to visit NY for the second time. Not for a short vacay, but to stay. It was already freezing cold. There was snow, icy winds and to top it all off; we had the pleasure to experience a Polar Vortex. That is – literally – a storm from the North Pole. You do not want to know how brisk that is. There were even days, the weather man dissuaded to spend over 30 minutes outside for preventing your limbs to freeze….

So, under these harsh conditions, I had to get used to the fact that this busy freezing city was home. And believe me, New York’s glam freezes off by Polar V’s and that kind of things. It made it all a bit hard to blend in and make Manhattan homey. Especially, since we didn’t have a home! The office arranged a – quite cool btw – apartment on the 23rd floor in Chelsea, but that was only for the first two months. We had to find a new apartment in 8 weeks and with a man working his ass off, that quest was put on my list of to-do.

Armed with double sweaters, tights under legging under jeans, a ski jacket and a sheep wool headband, I looked like an awkwardly moving penguin with no idea where or how or when to rent an apartment in Manhattan. Luckily I found a super fiery broker – a Chinese guy with blue coloured contact lensen..can you imagine? – with whom I conquered the storm and viewed over maybe 50 apartments. I’ve seen it all: mini apartments for maxi dollars, apartments without windows, leaking ceilings, wall beds and then…we stepped into this huge building, with a doorman, another doorman, golden elevators, gameroom, office space, a rooftop and the best: within-budget rent! …And its a true cliche, but when you know it, you know. This was home.

Interior Junkie – awesome Dutch website – visited New York and our humble NY-home had the honor to be photographed and exposed on the world wide web. Of course I could not not share the pictures with you on and with a picfilter of SeaofBees.

have a little peek
in our house!

ps: you can read the full article and my interview here…only thing: its in Dutch. Cheerio!

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photos by Interior Junkie



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