The 70’s are known for sex, drugs, rock & roll and impeccable fashion that always knows how to make a comeback. Suede, leather tassels, flared jeans and flower prints are items we can hardly remember living without.

The sixties and seventies have slowly but surely taken over some room in my closet. Suede over the knee boots, velour smoking jackets and dresses like this one: the Poppy Dress from RIXO London. This British brand is completely inspired by the peace, love and happiness era. But, with a bit of today’s edge.

The wide sleeves, flare fit and flowers on the collar transforms this LBD into one with character. You can check out the entire RIXO London collection here and if you want to touch, feel and maybe smell (?!) their clothing, you can find the pieces in New York at this cool place. 

BO MULDER SEA OF BEES NYC BO_SeaofB_by_Marinke_Davelaar-2-2

BO MULDER SEA OF BEES NYC BO_SeaofB_by_Marinke_Davelaar-2-7

BO MULDER SEA OF BEES NYC BO_SeaofB_by_Marinke_Davelaar-2-6

BO MULDER SEA OF BEES NYC BO_SeaofB_by_Marinke_Davelaar-2-3

BO MULDER SEA OF BEES NYC BO_SeaofB_by_Marinke_Davelaar-2

photo’s by Marinke Davelaar


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