is the new Monday this I’m absolutely not too late with this week’s recap, right?

Anyhow, hel-lo! This week was so freaking busy. I turned 29 and although I suffered from some severe birthday blues, this age-day was the best. Flowers, calls, prezzies, brunches, drinks, dinner…From girls night, to dinner-for-two (or wait, for three: my man, me and our new baby C.) to a surprise visit of my stepfam! This week’s recap: a never-ending celebration.

Also, I had such a cool shoot with for Jogha, discovered the Park Hyatt and its extremely luxurious spa and had a chance to wake up with Trump Soho‘s killer view..what a week! No wonder I’m running late for all my deadlines…I guess I must stay, in my #bedoffice all day!


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