new york life bo mulder

the most astonishing

cup of coffee from the last two weeks, definitely is the one displayed above. I had a meeting at the amazing and lovely Mandarin Oriental Hotel. And seriously, their lobby view is the coolest! So whenever you have the time, go and experience this view!

Although ‘real’ New Yorkers are not supposed to cross any street higher that 30th (there’s this unwritten rule the cool people must always stay Downtown), I spend quite a lot of time on the Upper side. And, loved it!

We had a shopping Saturday on the upper side after a grandiose and super chic brunch at Bergdorf and Goodman. This luxury department store has a restaurant with the cutest high tea menu, baroque chairs and…the best shrimp pasta I’ve had in a long time. We kind of compensated the absence of a second Christmas day here in the US. In Holland we’re used to having two, but here on Manhattan it was just another day this Friday (supposed to be second Christmas day). But, I must not complain. New York has the best Christmas vibe. All those lights and shopping windows couldn’t be anymore Christmas-ish. A day we celebrated with friends in ugly sweaters. I hand customized mine!

Hope you had an amazing Christmas and I wish you the best NYE and a crazy happy 2015!

new york life bo mulder my favorite Christmas pic of 2014

new york life bo mulder Christmas vibes!

new york life bo mulder Radio City Music Hall

IMG_2644Christmas eve excitement!

IMG_3427prepping the ugly sweater with a handmade Glam tree!

IMG_3404Christmas din din

IMG_3159On the second day of Christmas….NOTHING!

IMG_3403Coffee while spending a tourist day in town…

new york life bo mulder After unwrapping Sunaj’s Christmas gift! Thank you Sunaj! One can not have enough turtleneck sweaters…

FullSizeRender_1One of the most famous clocks in town

IMG_2645Naked knees. Even in winter. 

IMG_3341Goodmorning Chrys! (feeling the eager to replace that light bulb btw…..)

new york life bo mulder Still thinking about this skirt..what do you think? go back and buy?!

new york life bo mulder coolest view during meeting ever!

new york life bo mulder On the road with my man. Let’s get this Christmas vibe back!

new york life bo mulder Bergdorf’s perfect shrimp pasta

new york life bo mulder Like that chic, even the Olsen’s brunch here 😉

new york life bo mulder Find the Wallies

new york life bo mulder mmm…guess this Christmas thing is really over now….So, let’s get ready for NYE!

new york life bo mulder
See ya next week!!!



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