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Showing too much skin in the big online world may sells (I mean, the phrase ‘sex sells’ is still a true thing) but I prefer to be a little bit on the prudish side when it comes down to lingerie plus the www-display of skin and bums. But, If there’s a greater cause, you have to step out of the comfort zone once and a while. The good cause this time? “The love for lace, baby.” These bralettes and super sexy panties are from a super cute company called La Maison Nouvelle. Both sets, by the way, are designed myself! How cool is that? Plus, maybe even cooler: you can do it too!

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La Maison Nouvelle is the place for the cutest lingerie pieces customized by you. It is super easy; measure your BB (but&boobies), select a model, choose your lace, the color of straps and whatever you like, and within no-time your postman will drop off the cutest lace to add to your personal boutique. Gotta love La Maison Nouvelle! The pieces fit perfectly and are (besides sexy) very comfy.

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