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Eggs Benedict, fruit salad, hangover hamburger, blueberry pancakes. And, there is much more a human can have for the first dinner of the day. During the week we call it ‘breakfast’, in weekends we call it ‘brunch’. But, whatever you call it, I think early – or when first taken around noon – morning cuisine is the best.

Ever since my new status of “freelancer in New York”, I rediscovered how awesome breakfast can be and start my day more than often with a “breakfast-meeting” in the city. New York has a lot to offer on the breakfast’ field, but there is one fancy pancy spot one should never skip in the summer: La Durée. Located in Soho with more than a touch of Paris.

La Durée is a French luxury bakery and sweets maker house created in 1862, known for its macarons and with a beautiful location in Soho. The vibe is luxurious and the food is splendid. The staff addresses you as ‘Mademoiselle’, ‘Madame’ or ‘Monsieur’  after every – yes every – sentence…and although that sounds a little bit too Disney, it’s kind of fun and it somehow makes you step into another world for a bit.

Drop by for a take-away macaron, but for an awesome breakfast-experience; reserve a table in the garden. On a summer day, the garden of La Duree, is like taking a mini vacation to the South of France. A Bientôt!


La Durée at 398 W Broadway open in maps / Magical breakfast, but also for lunch and dinner great spot / visit website

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fashion shots by @eksner