Meatpacking, the meeting point of red soled shoes and red – and yellow and white and black and purple and so on…- painted sports cars. The fancy pancy district offers a lot of “can-not-afford’, but it also happens to contain one of the very best rooftops in town you can afford. A rooftop on which we drink and dance more than occasionally…that’s why we – my friends and I – call it: where-we-hang-is-le-Bain.

le bainLE BAIN

Le Bain is located on the 18th floor of the Standard hotel. This is the famous hotel build above the High Line and if you’re going up via the lobby you could step into the elevator where Solange showed Jay-Z some crazy Kung Fu Panda skills. When stepping – hopefully unscathed – out of the elevator you will directly notice a special smell…it is the pool! Yes, they have a mini indoor pool and towels are ready to use after a thank-god-its-Friday-splash. We prefer to keep our mascara on the right place and, unlike many others, have not –yet- enjoyed this pretty insane amenity with a pretty insane view.


Speaking about views, everywhere in Le Bain (first floor, second floor, restrooms) the view is amazing, but the best place to enjoy this is on top of the roof: where the grass is green, the dj plays the coolest tunes and where you can have a little “wauzers how cool is this city?!” moment. Go when the sun sets down…



848 Washington Street
visit website
(212) 645-4646


An incredibly cool rooftop on top of the Standard Hotel. Open for casual drinks, but also for night-time clubbing. Drink the Sancerre or go crazy and order a pitcher of your fave cocktail. If we decide to make it a pitcher-night, we always choose Ginger Love. Sweet, but very very tricky…you may end up in that pool after a pitcher filled with the love of ginger.


The rooftop opens at 4 pm and is a good spot on any sunny afternoon. Now – during summer – the sunset is amazing!! You can also dance the night away in Le Bain. For those kind of nights I advise you to go around midnight, because at that time it won’t be that crowded and the doorman will still be in a good mood. Because unfortunately, like at almost every hotspot in the city, they can give you a hard time at the door.

Monday: 4pm – 12am
Tuesday – Thursday : 4pm – 4am
Friday – Saturday: 2pm – 4am
Sunday: 2pm – 3am

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photocredits  @lebainnyc and  @kerrybazaar and @bo_nyc

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  • Floor says:


    Mijn vriend en ik vieren dit jaar NYE in New York.. Nu heb ik totaal geen idee wat leuk is om te doen, ik zag dat ze in The Standard een feest hebben, weet jij of dat leuk is? Of heb je nog andere tips? 🙂


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