Need instant recovery? Sip a Quick Quencher. Feeling lethargic? Fight back with a Fatigue Fighter. Hot-headed state of mind? Relax with a Tension Tamer. To any mood, Elixer comes to your rescue!

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Located at several locations throughout the city, The Elixer’s Juice Bar serves freshly squeezed and pressed juices that you can enrich with cutting edge supplements and boosters. And don’t we like that?  Plus, even better about this juice bar is the absence of purees, fillers, dairy, preservatives and processed sugars. No bad, only good will go through your straw. Hip, hip, hooray!

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I discovered this place on one of my walks through West-Village. Ever since, I always recommend Elixer at 6th to my friends and I’m addicted to the Quick Quencher with extra ginger. Especially during this hot summer in the city, watermelon-pineapple-lemon-aloe vera-and-ginger quenches thirst the quickest. All the places – and the one at 6th in particular because of the nicest man behind the counter – is clean, pure and there’s always a fun tune playing to brighten your day even more. This is absolutely my favourite juice bar in the city.


434 sixth ave , for more locations visit website / Greens and fruits in a cup. Quick Quencher is the best / healthy is always a good idea.

photo 14 photo gd2 photogd 1 photo 3 24 photo 1 6 34 photo 2 33 elixerFashion shots by photographer Renske Gosselink