I got in touch with the Paleo diet was, how weird that may sounds, in a club. In hot&happening Up and Down this Australian guy reached out for some small talk. He seemed to be the “Paleo Model”, meaning: model with a blog about the Paleo diet. At that moment I couldn’t care less since I was standing there with a vodka in one, and a cigarette – still a smoker then –  in my other hand. A hand not carrying a ring, but I consider myself practically married. That kind of sums up, why I didn’t investigate this Paleo-model-blog thing any further.

Untill, I discovered HU-kitchen. Located at 5th and 14th street, this dine-in-take-out-delivery restaurant created its philosophy arisen from the question “how should humans eat?”. During their research, they begun to understand that humans are primitive bodies living in modern times and that getting back to a pre-industrial way of eating was the best thing we could do for our health. And that’s where Paleo, with “Caveman diet” as its nickname, came into the picture again.

To know Paleo, you have to step into a time machine, travel 10.000 years back and learn what people were eating then. When back in current time, only eat like semi-prehistorical men and you’ll be one super healthy human being. Tadaa! Okay, Im making this sound cheesy, but it is kind of the truth. Paleo is about real – as in real-real – food. Summarized that means: real, whole foods – both animal and plant products – that are high in nutrients and low in toxins. For details I recommend to google the diet or better; visit the Paleo Model!

Although diets will always make me itchy, I frequently go cavewoman at Hu Kitchen. This place made me understand why this healthy non-GMO, no lies, real organic Paleo food is such a hit: its tasty, clean, and includes things as raspberry muffins…Couldn’t imagine a better diet, right?

If you’re in NY, you should definitely step by HU Kitchen. Love their food and their ambiance. And I think this whole real-real-food is a true beautifier, I mean…HU Kitchen is a total model-and-other-gorgeous-creatures-hotspot and that, ladies&gents, cannot be coincidence! Not in the city? Find a Paleo-proof spot in your neighborhood and try it out!



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