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to me! Yesterday was the 21st of October and it was time to – even though that’s a bit ambiguous when the last year of your 20s has arrived– celebrate aging!

I spend almost all day on the phone, in front of skype- or facetime camera’s, opened prezzies – finally got to unwrap my macbook yeah -, received flowers, had lunch at the SoHo Grand, got “stacked” with amazing jewellery by the owners of Rue Gembon, who – on top of the bling-bling – also treated me with the coolest Paintbox mani and….I ended the day with dinner at Buddakan…that magical place where Carrie and mister Big had their last dinner before he left her at the altar….

Fortunately for us: no altar-drama or whatsoever, only amazing food, champagne and – I know this sounds so cheesy, but hey, it’s true – so much love. It was a very good day and I still cannot believe it included Chanel…What. A. Gift.

Since I didn’t have a lot of time, here’s just a few moments of my yesterday…..


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  • Anouck says:

    Wow! Ik weet dat het onbeleefd is om te vragen naar een dame haar leeftijd, maar naar haar clutch?

    Welk model heb je voor je verjaardag gehad? Ze is perfect en subtiel!


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