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London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week Bo Mulder seaofbees

London Fashion Week Bo Mulder seaofbees

Last Saturday

I looked outside my London’ hotelroom (the whole exciting UK story will be on the blog soon btw) and it still hasn’t stopped…The rain is just pouring down and I have to attend the Topshop Unique show on sandals&sunnies…Oh darn, why why why did I put this look together for the rainiest day of the week?!

And yes I hear you thinking “Why don’t just change the look?!” And you are totally right, but I’m kind of always mentally limited by my look-choices. Once made, I can not go back. My brain just blocks.

So, off I went to conquer some proper British weather in my knitted trousers and on my summer sandals wearing sunnies feeling pretty ridiculous…But…it worked! Even the New York Yimes picked up my look. (see photo bellow)

about the trousers

These are one of those pieces I’d like to call: essential. I chic’ed them up with some black leather, my newest Samantha Wills clutch and some heels. But I honestly think you can combine them with every kind of shoe, every kind of fabric and any kind of accessory. From high to low, from luxury knits to cotton blouses and from mini clutches to oversized leather shoppers…It’s up to you, and in any way you will look awesome and ridiculously comfy at the same time.

So knitted trouwers: a do and a yay, even on a rainy day!

by @bo_seaofb 

// wearing // Zara trouwers // Catherine Malandrino turtleneck // All Saints sandals // Topshop leather jacket // Samantha Wills clutch + jewelry // photos by @ivanmarianelli for @dmodaguide


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