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I think it was around two years ago. I was kind of in an all-or-nothing state of mind. I kicked my ex out, quit my super cool job at a company that made travel around the world, decided to finish law school and on top of that all: I cut my hair. And that appeared to be the best reason to lock myself from the outside world and type down a killer thesis about liability and other boring law stuff while waiting for my hair to come back.

No, but seriously, I cried. Im the long hair kinda girl. And with my Alexa Chung-ish short bob – which I think is seriously cool, but not for me – I prayed to get my hair back. Now, over 730 days later, it’s back to long (see on the preview! #happy #happy #happy) and although I maybe need a haircut because this is a bit too much like being a member of the Kelly-Family-fell-in-love-with-an-alien, I’m so happy with my female mane! And, because I now understand the importance of healthy, long and strong hair for lengthy-hair kinda gals: here are some quick smart tricks to grow your mane faster, longer and thinker!

First. Wash only once a week. To handle greasy hair before your weekly wash, use dry shampoo. I mean it. This is the key! And your hair is super easy to train: the less you wash it, the less greasier it gets. So use dry shampoo a few months to rehabilitate your locks, and it will automatically become fuller and super gorgeous. Second. Avoid knots. Especially when sleeping. And, this is trick number three, when sleeping; lay your head down on a 100% silk pillowcase por favor! Not only will keep silk your face healthy and glossy, it also reduce friction on your hair which often causes damage, like spilt ends. For your hair, it truly does pay to sleep on a silk pillowcase. Fourth: take vitamins! In general I’m not really pro-supplements – just eat healthy and you don’t need it – but when it comes to hair I absolutely believe extra vitamin B12, zinc or iron helps. And last, but not least, use ORIBE. My absolutely awesome NY hairstylist Lior Malka introduced this styling line to me, and I’m hooked. You’ll have to invest a little, but it is worth it. Sincerely, this is not sponsored or whatsoever, I think this is the best trick of them all. O and their beachwave…please try this one! shop here, especially when you’re not living in USA:


Oh again: AND, this post also is dedicated to the love for Chanel. Not only because on these shots you can see my hair in front of Soho’s C-store, but also because one of my cool readers dropped me a good question: When are you ready to ditch – say an exclusive vacay – for an exclusive purse like Chanel? Im planning on writing an article about this topic and it would be great to receive some input.

So: What do you guys think?


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photo’s by Marinke Davelaar | Epic Photography



  • Jaimy says:

    Hey Bo,
    Wat heb jij een gave blog!
    Ik volg je al sinds je photo diary’s op i love fashion news en vind het super leuk om te zien waar je terecht bent gekomen.
    Normaal lees ik alleen maar vond het toch tijd om even wat achter te laten.
    En ik heb m’n haar ook af laten knippen vorig jaar en doe nu hard m’n best om ook lid van de kelly family te worden.
    Ga zo door!
    x Jaimy

    • B. says:

      Hi Jaimy, dankjewel voor je lieve bericht! Ohhh nee heb je het ook afgeknipt? No worries…duurt ffkes maar groeit vanzelf aan! Hele fijne zondag en big big apple kiss ! X

  • Monika says:

    As a long haired girl, I completely agree with your post! Nothing makes me feel more feminine, even in a t-shirt and jeans. I’m a huge believer in dry shampoo. Great blog!

  • Victoria says:

    Hi Bo, leuk en zeer herkenbaar artikel. Ook ik ben begonnen met het projectje “minder vaak mijn haren wassen” in de hoop voor een gezonder, glanzende en mooie lokken. De eerste weken vind ik best pittig. Mag ik je vragen of je ook een goede tip hebt voor de dry shampoo? En de producten van Oribe, misschien een keer leuk om een tutorial ervan te maken, jouw stappenplan voor een dagelijkse look en de producten die je precies gebruikt?

    Love your blog 🙂

  • Anne says:

    Hi Bo! Je hebt zulk prachtig haar.. vraagje wat doe jij qua verven? Ben erg benieuwd!

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