i don’t know,

how about you guys, but in my mind…questions are crossing non-stop. ‘Why-this, why-that, why-anything’ just pop up while walking, brushing my teeth and on any other thinkable moment one can ask oneself a question. I guess this is perfectly human, right?

Even though I think all of you walk around with innumerable question marks, you may have the answer to mine. So, these are my Q’s of the week, and please, if you have the – or just ‘a’ – answer, don’t hesitate to share.



what’s up with the shoes?

On the most surprising spots in New York, you can see shoes hanging on electricity cables. I’ve been told there are several theories about this phenomenon. But, what’s the real deal with all these tied up footgear. What is the secret? Is it a cult, a sign, is to commemorate? I still do not know….




when to multiply?

Okay, don’t get me wrong. There’s no planning on the baby field, but I cannot deny my friends and I – all in our late 20s – frequently discuss the human multiplication. Not only is our social media timeline filled with ultrasounds of the unborn future, babies wearing their fathers sunglasses and photo’s of baby bumps, we also seem to have a ticking biological clock. But there’s one rule: ‘you must be ready’. But, when are you? Will there be a voice telling you? Will there be a sign? When do you really know you want to change your life for ever? I do not have a clue….



what is this?

Is this lettuce? The ugliest flower ever? Or what?


mustard on a spoon?

Peanut butter, mayonnaise and mustard. My favorites on a spoon – or two – just for a little change of taste…my boyfriend finds this utterly disgusting and unusual behaviour. My response to his semi-angry reaction is that everybody does this and he’s the crazy one. Everybody – occasionally – eats plain peanut butter, mayo and mustard. Right? Or am I weird?


cigarettes always?

Over two month’s ago I’ve quitted smoking. I was a only-with-a-drink smoker, but at those moment I went pretty insane and sometimes even inhaled over a whole package of Marlboro’s. And after a night like that,  I thought; “it is o.v.e.r, I quit”. And even though it’s going very well, it stays hard not to light up a cigarette when drinking a delicious glass of wine or just a tacky gin-tonic. Will this fade? Or is it true what they say? Once a smoker, always a smoker? Making quitting a never-ending struggle?

if you know…

let me know. Thank you.