Concerning 200 Fifth Avenue, I have to admit: Italians do it better. This Italian market has it all. Within its gracious ambiance you can have breakfast, lunch, brunch, dinner, desserts, beer, wine, bubbles, bites, shop, learn how to get the perfect homemade pasta – there’s a cooking school -, grab a coffee or just do your daily groceries…. You can literally spend your whole day at this place.

eataly is italy eataly is italyeataly is italy

Eataly’s practically an indoor cuisine market where you can buy, drink and eat at different mini restaurants.. Their products are fresh, organic and carefully chosen. All their produces are locally grown and their fruits and vegetables are regionally grown .I love doing my groceries at Eataly for fresh pasta and fortunately we live only a few steps away, so not only my pasta but also my milk – they have the best – and tomatoes – also the best – are always Italy-proof.

Besides shopping for your homemade pasta, I absolutely say: go and eat at every Eataly restaurant… My favourite is the Fish and the Vegetable area. Well…the Pizza&Pasta or the Piazza with fresh Prosciutto platters are also amazing! Actually, wherever you go, the food will be good and all areas are perfect for a “quick” dinner.

eataly is italy eataly is italy eataly is italyeataly is italy

If you’re not up for dining or shopping, I recommend to at least grab a coffee – and a tiramisu at the dessert counter – and wander through the store-shelves. End your wander with their gelato -its so good –  and embrace Eataly while being amazed by this ‘all-in-one’ just across from the Flatiron building.



200 5th Avenue.
Entrances on 23rd Street between 5th & 6th Avenue
and on 5th Avenue between 23rd Street & 24th Streets.
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Italian deliciousness


For a quick dinner, skip Eataly on Fridays or the weekend. It will be packed! But, little trick: seats at all counters have a first-come, first-serve policy. The same applies for the counter tables in the Piazza. So on busy moments: check the barstools and grab one if you can, or order a platter of the finest Prosciutto di Parma combined with bubbles or tasty red wine at the Piazza while waiting on your table.

Monday – Sunday : 8 AM-11 PM


eataly is italy
eataly is italy eataly is italy eataly is italy