Summer is here!

and I decided to pick up giving you a peek in my little black book filled with places to sip tea, order coffee, dine, wine and dance. So here we go, this week’s top 3 places dedicated to the one thing all New Yorkers love: Brunch!

1. Sadelle’s
This is the best brunch spot. They also serve dinner tho, but I really like their brunch. Eventhough Sadelle’s is famous for its salmon and bagels, I actually always go for the mini sausages and greek salad. Oh, and of course ad a Mimosa to the whole thing.
Sadelle’s at Soho 


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2. Cafe Clover
Their interior is amazing. The food is healthy and the staff is so nice. Only went here for brunch, which was so good and cosy I can’t believe any other menu of Cafe Clover would be any less.
Cafe Clover at West Village

3. La Pecora Bianca
Yes yes yes! Since this place is just around the corner from where we live, you can find us here a lot. Dinner, drinks, coffee, all is good at Pecora Bianca. Go to share a plate of amazing Prosciuto and cheeses before having heavenly plate of pasta or brunch with the best avocado toast. Whatever you do, I know you will love it all in the amazing ambiance of this spot.
La Pecora Bianca at Flatiron


If you know any spots I should try, please tell me in comment section below! Oh and I also would love to know what you think of the above.