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For a perfect date night, one must need a perfect person to date and a perfect combination of pieces to wear. Seriously, even though I have the ring on the finger and me being one big sloppy fiancee would not change my man’s mind (well..that’s what I assume), I truly believe we must always keep on investing in ‘the you&me’. Like planning dinners, go on vacations and revive that foxiness you had from the first couple of dates. So, we went out to West Village. Dinner at one of our favorites: Extra Virgin. And what I wore? The best pants ever! Knitted trousers (or pants…when do you use which term!?) and especially these ones from Zara are the best. The perfect combination of super comfy and that amount of sexy we want on dates like this. I mean, I’m still running behind my Sumo Squad schedule. But with these knits, those sumo’s may wait a while.

what do you love to wear on date night? tell me!

by @bo_seaofb