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we – meaning my man and I – plan a wander day. Just walking through the city discovering areas, new places, cool spots and this summer the whole wandering around was focused on one thing: the perfect place to brunch.

Now, almost a year later we’ve brunched our asses off (or better ‘on’..really, this city is a crazy fat maker). So since season is changing again and after spending lots of time and dollars on our weekend-wander, we and decided to change our goal. From now, our city hike is all about coffee. Espresso for him, cappuccino for me. Every weekend another spot for this coming year and last weekend we kicked our new ritual off.

On Instagram I discovered Happy Bones. Oh and short intermezzo: best way to check out if places are your kind of style: use Instagram. Either check the spot via hashtags or its check-in location and see what people posted about the bar or whatsoever you want to try. Really, this is the ultimate way to discover things you like.

Okay, back to Happy Bones in Little Italy. Somewhere at Broome you can find this tiny but extremely photogenic coffee cafe. They serve yummy-yummy coffee and isn’t only cool (meaning cool interior, cool design, cool people) but when you drink you give. Happy Bones donates a percentage to the children of New York. And that, is again: cool. So all together: this is where you want to spend your coffee o’clock.


for more #happybones , visit their website!

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