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I have to say: happy friYAY!! Even for freelancers – and as an ‘online journalist’ bloggin’, instagramin’ and all that other stuff never stops, not even in weekends – Friday’s will always stay sacred. And, I’m even more excited for this TGIF since I’m throwing my birthday party with the girls in Tao tonight! Yeah!

Okay, back to this look. These pants. At first I felt like Jomanda. For my not-Dutch readers, she’s a crazy woman – according to her – possessing special powers with a huge blue flared gown as her trademark. So although these trousers felt a bit peculiar, the color and lines intrigued me. I pulled them out and went for a bit of preppy: Sweater, blouse, blue, white and a touch of red. Totally lost the crazy-woman feeling and re-discoverd this flared-thing! Love. It.

We shot this white&blue freaking early, but I have to say…It was worth it. Bryant Park is always a pretty place, but when the sun comes up and the first rays of light warm the park…it’s like magic.


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WEB-0101photo’s shot by Epic Photography | follow @marinke_davelaar_photography