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Goodmorning you!

A few posts ago, I told you about my super busy schedule because of a new job I landed. And now I wanted to dedicate a special post to it since I’m simply super happy with this project! Over a half year ago, I got a message from a girl working for She asked me if I wanted to be featured on their website with a ‘ Look of the Day‘.

Yes duh, I do!

Since Amayzine launched I instantly became a huge fan. Their style, writings, tone of voice and the super cool editors are totally right up my alley. I was honored when they asked me for another ‘Look of the Day’ and then it hit me:

being cheeky leads to opportunities….

With that in mind: I e-mailed back with a new look and the question if they would be up for a meeting about collaborating. At first, I was thinking about a monthly photo diary or something. But they had bigger plans. And after one meeting in New York and one meeting in Amsterdam, I’m officially their new international editor for the coolest online magazine of the moment! Yay!

Bo Mulder sea of bees NYC Amayzine


I’ll be writing weekly columns on typical New York stuff, on how it is to be an expat in the city, on fashion and on actually anything I like. How cool is that? But, I also need you guys! Every week I would love to feature your look! There’s only 1 condition: you have to be New York based. So, shoot those cute-cuter-cutest looks my way via

Have a great day you guys!

Bo Mulder sea of bees NYC Amayzine

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